Author: Kathleen Frankle

  • Equity Analysis at the Project Level – FREE Webinar

    As infrastructure projects are planned and implemented, it is essential to ensure that they promote equity and value for all members of society. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Justice 40 initiative place a significant emphasis on equity analysis at the project level to ensure that federally-funded infrastructure projects prioritize equity and inclusion. This webinar will […]

    Equity Analysis at the Project Level – FREE Webinar
  • US Infrastructure Investment Forum

    The US infrastructure investment industry is undergoing a period of rapid change today, which presents public sponsors, federal agencies, and industry leaders with a unique set of challenges and opportunities. The US Infrastructure Investment Forum aims to share information, identify challenges and policy reforms, and foster collaboration to deliver on the potential of the Bipartisan […]

    US Infrastructure Investment Forum
  • Modernizing Infrastructure Webinar 

    Over the last few decades, public agencies have increasingly implemented large-scale transportation projects. Such projects are typically complex, have a variety of risks, and involve multiple stakeholders that often have conflicting interests and incentives. Oftentimes, alternative contracting methods such as design-build or design-build-finance-operate-maintain are used to deliver these projects. In these arrangements, the allocation and […]

    Modernizing Infrastructure Webinar 
  • Virtual CFO Forum

    Topic : Budgeting Under High Inflation.

    Open to Public Officials.

    Date : Tuesday, May 9 2023
    Time : 1:00 – 3:00 PM EDT

    Virtual CFO Forum
  • New Platform Identifies Infrastructure Funding Opportunities

    Just over one year ago, both parties in Congress came together to pass sweeping legislation that funds badly needed infrastructure projects in the United States, from new highways to improved public transit. The funding opportunities are impressive. But state, municipal, and local officials don’t always know how to submit proposals or bid on projects covered […]

    New Platform Identifies Infrastructure Funding Opportunities