Author: Kathleen Frankle

  • Modernizing Infrastructure Webinar Series – October 2023

    The U.S. has a relative abundance of arterial highways—two+ lane roads radiating from many urban areas and much more land devoted to retail than similar high-income countries. Many parts of the U.S. also suffer from a affordable housing shortage. And its retail sector, in the form of enclosed and outdoor shopping malls, are experiencing low […]

  • Platform Identifies Infrastructure Funding Opportunities

    Just over one year ago, both parties in Congress came together to pass sweeping legislation that funds badly needed infrastructure projects in the United States, from new highways to improved public transit. The funding opportunities are impressive. But state, municipal, and local officials don’t always know how to submit proposals or bid on projects covered […]

    Platform Identifies Infrastructure Funding Opportunities
  • Modernizing Infrastructure Webinar Series – May 2023

    Description: As infrastructure projects are planned and implemented, it is essential to ensure that they promote equity and value for all members of society. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Justice 40 initiative place a significant emphasis on equity analysis at the project level to ensure that federally-funded infrastructure projects prioritize equity and inclusion. This webinar […]

    Modernizing Infrastructure Webinar Series – May 2023
  • Virtual CFO Forum

    Don’t miss this upcoming event featuring panelists from four state DOT’s and FHWA. TOPIC: How State DOTs Identify Matching Funds for New Federal Funding DATE: Wednesday, September 21, 2022TIME: 1:00 – 3:00 PM EDTFORMAT: VIRTUAL Zoom webinar Open to public officials. Email with your name and affiliation. AGENDA 1:00 PM Welcome:Brian Bezio, Chief Financial […]