Working with Federal Government: Invoicing

Working with Federal Government: Invoicing

Want to uncover the secrets behind successful federal invoicing? The Build America Center’s latest video outlines essential steps to ensure the submission of an effective invoicing package to the Federal Highway Administration. This is crucial to ensure a timely reimbursement payment. Watch the video below to learn more.

Step 1 – Preparation 

The first step in submitting a complete invoicing package for the Federal Highway Administration is preparation. An invoicing package, especially for a government agency, contains numerous crucial components that all play a role in creating a clear financial picture. By carefully reviewing your grant agreement, you can determine the specific invoicing requirements, such as the format, frequency, and supporting documentation needed for each invoice. Additionally, reviewing the grant agreement can help you understand any special conditions or restrictions that may apply to the use of grant funds, which can impact how you prepare and submit your invoices. 

Step 2  –  Gather Necessary Supporting Forms

After reviewing the grant agreement, you can now begin gathering and filling out the necessary supporting documents. Be sure to check whether form SF 270 or SF 271 is required for your specific project. These forms are standard forms used for requesting reimbursement from federal grants, with SF 270 being used for non-construction projects and SF 271 for construction projects. Additionally, make sure to include any backup documentation, such as invoices, receipts, and timesheets, that support the expenses claimed in your invoice. Organizing these documents in a clear and logical manner will help streamline the invoicing process and avoid delays in payment.

Step 3 – Check for Accuracy

The next key component in the invoicing process is accuracy. Double check each supporting document for any mistakes or omissions as these could lead to delays in receiving reimbursement payments. If all required documentation and information is not included within the invoicing package, it will be returned. 

Step 4 – Ensure Clarity in Documentation 

Finally, for grants with matching requirements, clarity is critical. The reimbursement and match portions on your invoice must be clearly distinguished to align with the grant’s specifications. Once a proper invoice is submitted, received, and accepted, it should be paid within 30 days. 

For a more detailed and comprehensive look into the federal invoicing process, watch the BAC’s video linked above.