Working with FHWA

BIL grants are creating significant opportunities for local governments by offering direct federal funding for projects that promise substantial community impact. Despite these opportunities, many local governments possess minimal or no experience in navigating the complexities of federal compliance. Recognizing this gap, the Build America Center has partnered with FHWA to facilitate a smoother interaction between these local agencies and the federal government. 

The Build America Center is actively developing a series of introductory videos. These resources are designed to aid local public agencies in understanding the essential procedures and critical issues involved in federal collaborations. The videos aim to distill complex regulations into manageable information, enabling local agencies to efficiently comply with federal requirements and effectively manage federal grants.

8 Tips for Writing a Successful Grant Proposal

Are you looking to secure funding for your transportation project, but don’t know how to approach the grant writing process? This video outlines everything you need to know to perfect your grant proposal and secure the funding you need. These invaluable strategies will help your project become a reality, and demonstrate how to unlock the resources available through the IIJA aka Bipartisan Infrastructure Law (BIL).

Federal Government

Want to uncover the secrets behind successful federal invoicing? This video outlines essential steps to ensure the submission of an effective invoicing package to the Federal Highway Administration. This is crucial to ensure a timely reimbursement payment.