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  • Modernizing Infrastructure Webinar Series – September 2023

    Description: Despite five decades of experience, there is a considerable gap in legal and empirical study on the impacts of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Proponents of reform often claim NEPA litigation is a major obstacle for federal actions; others have concluded that litigation is not a major contributor of project cost escalation or […]

  • Modernizing Infrastructure Webinar Series – April 2023

    Description: Over the last few decades, public agencies have increasingly implemented large-scaletransportation projects. Such projects are typically complex, have a variety of risks, and involvemultiple stakeholders that often have conflicting interests and incentives. Oftentimes, alternativecontracting methods such as design-build or design-build-finance-operate-maintain are used todeliver these projects. In these arrangements, the allocation and management of risks […]

  • Modernizing Infrastructure Webinar Series – May 2023

    Description: As infrastructure projects are planned and implemented, it is essential to ensure that they promote equity and value for all members of society. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law and Justice 40 initiative place a significant emphasis on equity analysis at the project level to ensure that federally-funded infrastructure projects prioritize equity and inclusion. This webinar […]

  • Innovative Finance Developments Under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law

    This webinar focused on gaining new insight into what transportation practitioners are thinking about the legislation and what’s next for state DOTs.

  • State Legislative Developments

    This webinar explored how over the past several years many state legislatures have enacted, or are actively considering, proposals to increase funding or provide additional financing for transportation infrastructure.

  • Electric Vehicle Infrastructure

    As electric vehicle sales continue to grow, a robust network of public charging stations is needed. This webinar highlights the latest developments on federal funding and finance options for developing electric vehicle charging infrastructure, and the importance of building key partnerships, leveraging private investment, lessons learned, and barriers that remain.

  • Federal Funds Swap Programs

    This webinar reviewed the findings of a GAO report and had presentations from two states that have implemented federal funds swap programs with their local agencies.

  • Project Closeout Mapping

    This webinar reviewed FHWA’s process mapping exercise for the project closeout and funds management process in seven states.

  • Transportation Finance Workforce Development

    This webinar included presentations by State DOTs on finance workforce development needs and strategies in their states, followed by a facilitated discussion moderated by Jack Basso and a question-and-answer session.

  • Performance Incentives for P3s

    This webinar explored how performance incentives are used to optimize project delivery in Public-Private Partnerships (P3). Incentives that stimulate developer performance were discussed, with descriptions of how these incentives may be used in different phases of the project lifecycle.

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