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  • Modernizing Infrastructure Webinar Series – February 2024

    The combination of multiple projects into a single contract (referred to as project bundling), continues to attract the attention of transportation agencies. Stakeholders seek answers to bundling-related questions including: (1) how to measure bundling benefits, (2) empirical evidence on project bundling efficacy in terms of its benefits, (3) the limitations of project bundling regarding the […]

  • 2022-2023 BAC ANNUAL REPORT

    The Build America Center is pleased to present our 2022/23 Annual Report which reflects a year of significant accomplishments and impact. It showcases our empowering localities initiative, training and outreach activities, partnership building, and research contributions.

    2022-2023 BAC ANNUAL REPORT
  • Modernizing Infrastructure Webinar Series – September 2023

    Description: Despite five decades of experience, there is a considerable gap in legal and empirical study on the impacts of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA). Proponents of reform often claim NEPA litigation is a major obstacle for federal actions; others have concluded that litigation is not a major contributor of project cost escalation or […]

    Modernizing Infrastructure Webinar Series – September 2023
  • Modernizing Infrastructure Webinar Series – April 2023

    Description: Over the last few decades, public agencies have increasingly implemented large-scaletransportation projects. Such projects are typically complex, have a variety of risks, and involvemultiple stakeholders that often have conflicting interests and incentives. Oftentimes, alternativecontracting methods such as design-build or design-build-finance-operate-maintain are used todeliver these projects. In these arrangements, the allocation and management of risks […]

    Modernizing Infrastructure Webinar Series – April 2023