Category: Funding

  • Proposed Funding Sources

    A number of new transportation funding sources have been proposed to augment existing sources. AASHTO maintains a Matrix of Illustrative Surface Transportation Revenue Options itemizing new sources and their yield forecasts based on certain applied rates or percentages. The matrix also makes revenue estimates for illustrative increases in existing Federal Highway Trust Fund revenue mechanisms. […]

  • Local Funding

    Revenue from local government plays an important role in transportation finance. General fund appropriations represent the largest single source of local funding. The use of property taxes also distinguishes local transportation funding from that of the Federal and state governments. Other broadly collected taxes, such as hotel or rental car taxes may also be directed […]

  • State Funding

    States collect taxes and fees from motor vehicle users and use the revenues to support a variety of transportation (and non-transportation) expenditures. States generally have more flexibility in the varieties of taxes they collect, as well as in how they dispose of those taxes. Taxes imposed by states and localities are collected and administered by […]

  • Federal Funding

    The U.S. government uses its Federal taxing authority to levy several taxes supporting transportation funding through the Highway Trust Fund. In addition, some funding for surface transportation is sourced from the General Fund of the U.S. Treasury.