Legislation & Regulations includes descriptions and summaries of Federal, state and local legislation establishing transportation funding sources and governing their distribution and uses, as well as legislation establishing and regulating the use of the transportation finance mechanisms. The Federal legislation section provides a brief overview the Federal transportation program, along with information on the Transportation Authorization Act process, which is used to update Federal legislation and funding levels. The state and local legislation section covers legislation needed to establish new revenue sources or powers, such as the ability to collect tolls or other revenue sources, as well as the use of different types of financial tools.


  • Federal Legislation

    Overview The Federal transportation program is the accumulation of legislative actions focusing on Federal funding, regulation, and other aspects of the nation’s surface transportation systems and their administration. Legislation is updated on a periodic basis, with some updates focused on programmatic areas, some allocating funds, and others doing both. The program has evolved through successive […]

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  • State and Local Legislation

    In order to utilize certain types of transportation funding mechanisms or finance programs, state and local governments must first enact enabling legislation to create the tool or program and to govern the way it works. State legislation also governs the implementation of certain Federal programs. This section of the BATIC Institute website provides overviews of […]

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