This section contains comprehensive technical content and information, organized into four major areas. An annual update to this content was completed in March 2020.


The Funding section provides information on revenue sources generated at the Federal, state, and local levels used for transportation investment needs. These include: taxes, fees, user charges, and capturing enhanced property values. The section describes how the various funding sources are generated as well as the mechanics of their distribution. Included among the funding mechanisms are resources on revenue measures, projects, statistics, and data.


The Finance section provides information on financial tools used to leverage transportation funding and revenue sources, allowing transportation agencies to raise the upfront costs needed to build projects and expedite the implementation of needed transportation improvements. Finance mechanisms are the tools used to expand upon existing funding sources at any given time. They include a wide variety of bonds backed by various types of revenue streams, credit enhancements and revolving loan programs designed to assist transportation agencies in expediting the implementation of transportation improvements.

Legislation & Regulations

Legislation & Regulations includes descriptions and summaries of Federal, state and local legislation establishing transportation funding sources and governing their distribution and uses, as well as legislation establishing and regulating the use of the transportation finance mechanisms. The Federal legislation section provides a brief overview the Federal transportation program, along with information on the Transportation Authorization Act process, which is used to update Federal legislation and funding levels. The state and local legislation section covers legislation needed to establish new revenue sources or powers, such as the ability to collect tolls or other revenue sources, as well as the use of different types of financial tools.

Briefing Papers

The Briefing Papers section includes papers on advance construction and performance management practices prepared from objective research on financial management and policy issues.

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