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Public Engagement Strategies for State DOTs: Dashboards

Public Engagement Strategies for State DOTs: Dashboards

This event was held February 20, 2019.

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Event Description

Communicating project delivery and financial performance are critical components to building public support for the work of State Departments of Transportation (DOTs). How do State DOTs effectively inform the public of projects and progress with projects? How do they build a common language within their organization that reaches across disciplines to collectively reach its financial and project delivery goals?

Some State DOTS have turned to browser-based “dashboards” to communicate the organization’s financial status or project delivery progress to either internal or external audiences. Dashboards, designed to look much like a dashboard that you would see in a car, summarize key performance measures and can monitor accountability to organizational goals. This webinar outlined key principles in creating a dashboard and shared best practices in identifying the audience intended for a dashboard, designing a dashboard , and defining meaningful performance measures.

The first speaker, Ryan Avery of WSP, described the kinds of dashboards that can be used and was followed by speakers from the Virginia Department of Transportation and Minnesota Department of Transportation. View their respective dashboards:

Participants gained a better understanding of dashboard design, the process required to build a dashboard for their DOT, and how to link performance measures to organizational goals.


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