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Build America Bureau is Open for Business! Refresher Educational Seminar on Innovative Financing Opportunities

Build America Bureau is Open for Business! Refresher Educational Seminar on Innovative Financing Opportunities

This event took place June 9, 2020.

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In light of these challenging times, the BATIC Institute hosted the Build America Bureau to conduct an educational and informational briefing and a refresher course on the Bureau’s existing credit assistance program, products and services, and how they can be used to create additional value and savings for project sponsors. The main focus of this webinar was newer initiatives and programs that can particularly be beneficial in current circumstances. The Bureau administers the US DOTs TIFIA and RRIF loan programs as well as Private Activity Bonds (PABs). Understanding the distinctions of these products, and different initiatives and flexibilities under each product, can assist sponsors in optimizing project financial structures.

Dr. Morteza Farajian is the Executive Director of the Build America Bureau overseeing different Bureau activities such as the Federal credit assistance programs of TIFIA and RRIF, and technical assistance to project sponsors in innovative project financing solutions. Prior to his Bureau appointment, Morteza served as acting Deputy Secretary of Transportation and was Director of Public-Private Partnerships (P3) at the Virginia Department of Transportation. There, he headed procurement, financing, and contract negotiation for multiple multi-modal transportation projects totaling $10 billion.

Roger Bohnert, Director of Outreach & Project Development, brings a diverse transportation operations, project delivery and policy background to the Bureau. Leading the Bureau’s strategic outreach efforts, Roger is focused on assisting new borrowers to the Bureau and facilitating a seamless experience for project sponsors. His mission of the Bureau is to improve transportation infrastructure investment through increased technical assistance to project sponsors, expanded access to DOT credit programs and enhanced utilization of private capital in public-private partnerships. He entered the Senior Executive Service in the Department of Transportation in 2003. Prior to his appointment to the Bureau, Roger served as the Deputy Associate Administrator of the Maritime Administration’s Office of Intermodal System Development, where he led initiatives to develop and fund port modernization projects.

Duane Callender, Director of Credit Program Office, directs the Bureau’s staff responsible for all aspects of underwriting, portfolio management and risk management. Mr. Callender oversees a portfolio that encompasses $40.5 billion in Federal credit assistance to intermodal, highway, transit and rail projects totaling $128.4 billion of infrastructure investment in the U.S. Prior to his current position he held positions in DOT’s Office of Budget and Programs.

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