Vision 2026





Mission & Goals


The Build America Center (BAC) will mobilize the use of innovative financing, funding, project delivery, procurement, and contracting solutions to foster new approaches to transportation infrastructure development and delivery through the creation of a knowledge hub, spurring innovation with cutting edge research, collaborative partnerships, and the development of an academy to deliver innovative education and training plus tailored technical assistance.

Fearless Innovation

Our mission will be accomplished through these four competency areas: Knowledge Hub, Innovation, Education and Training Academy, and Partnership.

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Knowledge Hub

Serve as the ‘go-to’ resource for State DOTs, local governments, researchers, and other stakeholders seeking data on innovative financing and delivery solutions for transportation infrastructure projects.


Strengthen the foundation of the well-respected project finance profession with cutting-edge research, tool development and application.

Education and Training Academy

Serve as the resource from which transportation of officials access expertise to transform their innovative financing and project delivery ideas into reality.


Serve as a collaborative environment for knowledge creation, dissemination, sharing and innovation.



  • BAC creates a collaborative environment for knowledge creation and sharing by engaging all stakeholders in infrastructure development and delivery.
  • BAC is the “one-stop” shop to discover all the available training resources on innovative finance, funding, and project delivery solutions.
  • BAC offers a certification program in Infrastructure Finance, Policy, Delivery, and P3.
  • BAC is a well-respected training institute for the development of in-house training on innovative finance, funding, and project delivery solutions serving a variety of training needs.
  • BAC is FHWA and BAB’s knowledge institute, developing knowledge products supporting FHWA and BAB’s mission on infrastructure financing and innovative project delivery.


  • BAC implements a pull-based model for technical assistance and supports USDOT’s high-impact service efforts;
  • BAC establishes a well-functioning peer-exchange program;
  • BAC becomes the logical place for public agencies to get initial expert support on innovative finance, funding, and project delivery solutions;
  • BAC serves as the gateway to experts in the case of more specialized or longer-term support, including supporting agencies to articulate their needs;
  • BAC acts as the catalyst for public agencies by kick-starting their innovative financing and innovative project delivery projects.


  • BAC becomes the data center that achieves major transportation projects using innovative financing and delivery;
  • BAC serves as the go-to resource for industry standards, best practices, and guides in innovative financing and project delivery;
  • BAC develops and maintains a collection of case briefs and case studies on project finance and innovative delivery;
  • BAC emerges as a powerful and trusted information platform for practitioners and researchers to seek data on infrastructure financing tools, applications, and policies.


  • BAC is a thought leader in innovative finance, funding, and project delivery solutions;
  • BAC encourages and initiates innovative finance research for a variety of transportation modes;
  • BAC collaborates with research institutes within the U.S. and globally;
  • BAC supports innovative finance practices by establishing and promoting industry standards, best practices, and other knowledge products;
  • BAC facilitates the incorporation of ESG objectives throughout infrastructure project delivery.

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